Technical & Capacity-Building Assistance

CDP offers grassroots community groups the training and legal assistance they need to establish, grow, and build power, to bring new opportunities to their neighborhoods. We build nonprofits’ capacity for effective organizational management and to support their organizing and advocacy efforts in the communities they serve. We also assist with the formation of worker cooperatives, which give workers greater control over their working conditions, income, and economic futures.

Legal Support for New and Existing Community-Based Organizations
Our attorneys offer legal advice and assistance to grassroots organizations in a variety of areas, including incorporation and tax exemption, complying with nonprofit, employment, and tax laws, and real estate and lease issues. Learn more.

Worker Cooperatives
We also offer legal advice and assistance to new and existing worker cooperatives in a variety of areas, including entity formation; development of governance structures and documents; complying with employment, licensing, and tax laws; and contract review. Learn more.

Small Businesses
We offer legal advice and assistance to small businesses seeking help with commercial lease issues. This includes reviewing, drafting, negotiating new leases or lease renewals; aiding with landlord harassment issues connected to a lease. We do not provide litigation support for small businesses.