Neighborhood Change

CDP works with local community groups to support responsible, equitable development and to make sure that low-income residents who have built communities, paid property taxes, operated small local businesses, and lived their whole lives in under-resourced areas are not pushed out in the name of “progress.” We partner with local CBOs and coalitions to ensure that longtime local residents are real partners in the process and that development brings more jobs, services, affordable housing, and other opportunities to the folks who need them most. CDP is one of the only legal services organizations in the City that works with local community groups to make sure they have a say in the future of their neighborhoods, and we advocate for development initiatives that allow all communities to thrive.


Neighborhood Rezonings

CDP works with grassroots groups in communities where rezonings are being proposed. We provide the technical expertise and support groups need to influence rezonings, which change the rules that control development and pave the way for dramatic changes. CDP believes that people who have lived and worked in a community for a long time have a right to stay there and to help decide what happens in the area—even if developers or City officials have other ideas. As the City prepares to rezone up to 15 neighborhoods over the next several years, CDP is partnering with neighborhood coalitions to make sure that the needs of local people are met, now and in future.

Legal Challenges to Proposed Developments

CDP works with community partners to challenge proposed developments that the community wants to stop or modify, or to ensure that developers provide promised public benefits after projects get underway. Community groups have leverage to challenge developments where the developer needs City approval to build more, build taller, or otherwise change the rules that determine what’s allowed on a piece of land; when a project involves public land or financing; and/or during the environmental review process, which the City must undertake to determine a project’s impact on the community. Projects must follow certain rules – and if the rules aren’t followed, the project can be challenged in court.

CDP assisted displaced auto-business workers in the Sunrise Cooperative. Learn more.

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Community Benefits Agreements

CDP works with community organizations to research and develop ground-up, community-based policy proposals. We then partner with local groups and citywide coalitions to advance these proposals, including policies to protect low-income tenants, secure small local businesses, and create good jobs for residents.

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Participatory Action Research Reports

Our Research & Policy Initiative works with our community partners to design, administer, analyze and write participatory action research reports. These reports are used by our partners to educate community members, engage elected officials, garner media attention and advocate for socially just policies.