Community Lawyering

CDP’s team of experienced attorneys provides a wide range of legal assistance to help advance community groups’ campaigns for social and economic justice. Our main types of legal work include:

Affordable Housing
We work with tenant organizing groups to bring lawsuits on behalf of groups of tenants whose landlords are violating their rights. This includes issues such as illegal evictions, failure to make repairs, lack of heat and hot water, lead paint and illegal rent overcharges. Read more about recent housing cases.

Workers’ Rights
We partner with worker organizing groups to bring lawsuits on behalf of low-wage workers who are being mistreated by their employers, addressing such issues as failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, stealing tips, unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and other violations of the labor laws. Read more about recent workers’ rights cases

Capacity Building for Community Organizations and Worker Cooperatives
Our attorneys offer legal advice and assistance to grassroots organizations in a variety of areas, including incorporation and tax exemption, complying with non-profit, employment and tax laws, and real estate and lease issues. We also help groups of workers establish worker-owned cooperative businesses.

Consumer Justice
We support community-based organizations whose members and constituents are experiencing extraordinary debt collection abuse, and represent low-income consumers on matters such as identity theft and unlawful debt collection practices. Read more about consumer justice cases, find our clinic schedule and download factsheets.