Consumer Workshops

Targeted Know-Your-Rights educational workshops based on the needs of your members in plain language on various consumer justice topics designed to raise public awareness on policies, laws and systems that impact your members as well as larger communities. We are always open to creating new workshops to meet the needs of the members of our partner organizations.

  • Gaining Access to Banking and Credit
  • Beating Housing Court: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Breaking Your Lease, Signing Stipulations and Navigating Judgments
  • Your Credit Report and You: Managing Your Credit File, Improving your Credit Score and Dealing with Identity Theft
  • Debt is Not Forever: What to do When You are in Collections
  • Defending Creditor Lawsuits: A Primer
  • The Basics of Understanding Your Federal Student Loans
  • Medical Debt: Protective Laws, Debt Collections and Lawsuits
  • Post-Judgment Debt Collection: Bank Freezes and Wage Garnishments