Left Out: The Struggle of Newly Arrived Haitian Immigrant Youth Enrolling in New York City High Schools Through Family Welcome Centers



Report on Working Conditions in the Retail Laundromat Industry 2018 CDP Research & Policy Update - Annual Review 2017 Tenant Experiences at Linden Plaza 2018

Right to Counsel Toolkit                      2018



The Predatory Equity Story: Tenant Perspectives on Speculative Landlords, Displacement, and Fighting for Justice
Pathways to Success: The Need for Accessible, Appropriate Trainings for Retail Workers
Resisting Displacement in the Southwest Bronx: Lessons from CASA's Tenant Organizing
New Political Science Article: Participatory Budgeting and Community-Based Research - February 2017


  Memo: Oversight and Monitoring of Rezoning Committments CDP Research & Policy Update - Annual Review 2015


Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision Policy Platform - October 2015 A People’s Budget: A Research and Evaluation Report on Participatory Budgeting in New York City. Cycle 4: Key Research Findings - October 2015 Stand for Tenant Safety (STS): Construction as Harassment in Rent Stabilized Buildings and the STS Legislative Solution - September 2015
No Access: The Need for Improved Language Assistance Services for Limited English Proficient Asian Tenants of the New York City Housing Authority - September 2015 What Happens When Communities Organize? A New York Foundation report - May 2015 NYC Tenants Call for the Prohibition of all Non-Rent Fees - April 2015
CDP Research & Policy Update - March 2015 Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Barriers to Immigrant Financial Empowerment - February 2015 Empty Judgments: The Wage Collection Crisis in New York - February 2015



The Eldercare Dialogues: A Grassroots Strategy to Transform Long-term Care, December 2014.

Getting LES Ready: Learning from Hurricane Sandy to Create a Community-Based Disaster Plan for the Future , November 2014.
(Full Report; Executive Summary: English, Español, 中文)

A People’s Budget: A Research and Evaluation Report on Participatory Budgeting in New York City, Year 3, October 2014.
(Full ReportExecutive Summary and Findings by District: 5, 8, 23, 31, 32, 33, 38, 39, 44, 45)

Feeding New York: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers in New York City's Food Manufacturing Industry, June 2014.

Weathering the Storm: Rebuilding a More Resilient New York City Housing Authority Post-Sandy, March 2014. (Executive Summary)

Community Development Project Research and Policy Initiative Update 2013, February 2014.


Scaling Up PBNYC, a memo on how the new NYC administration can strengthen and expand participatory budgeting in NYC, by Community Voices Heard, Participatory Budgeting Project and CDP. December 2013
Partnering For Impact Booklet, an overview of the Partnering For Impact conference hosted by the Community Development Project, Center for Urban Pedagogy and Hester Street Collaborative, October 2013.

A People’s Budget: A Research and Evaluation Report on Year 2 of Participatory Budgeting in New York City, a report by the Community Development Project with the PBNYC Research Team, October 2013.
(Citywide summary and District summaries: District 8, District 19, District 23, District 32, District 33, District 39, District 44 and District 45)

The Burden of Fees: How Affordable Housing is Made Unaffordable, September 2013.

The Struggle Report: Findings and Recommendations by NYC Youth for New York Job Development Programs, June 2013.

More Than A Home: How Affordable Housing for New Yorkers Living With HIV/AIDS Will Prevent Homelessness, Improve Health and Reduce Costs, May 2013.

Key Data for Participatory Budgeting in New York City 2012-2013, April 2013.

Tipping the Scales: A Report of Tenant Experiences in Bronx Housing Court, a report by CDP and New Settlement Apartments’ Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA), March 2013.
(Executive Summary EnglishSpanish)


Community Development Project Research and Policy Initiative Update 2012, November 2012.

A Facilitator’s Guide and Toolkit for Participatory Action Research by the Community Development Project, June 2012. Spanish version available.

Your Schools, Your Voice: The Impact of Mayoral Control on Community Participation in Schools, October 2012.

Dreams and Schemes in Queens, New York: Immigrant Struggles to Find Work and Get Status in the Face of Consumer Fraud, a report by CDP and New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), October 2012.

(Executive Summary EnglishSpanish)
A People’s Budget: A Research and Evaluation Report on the Pilot Year of Participatory Budgeting in New York City, September 2012. (Executive Summary)

Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights: South Asian Immigrant Workers in New York City, July, 2012, (Executive Summary)

Participatory Budgeting Data Summary, April, 2012


Reimagining Rezoning: A Chinatown for Residents is a Chinatown for All, a report by CAAAV and the Community Development Project, December 2011, (Executive Summary)
Research and Policy Update, Fall/Winter 2011, December 2011
Beyond Methadone: Improving Health and Empowering Patients in Opioid Treatment Programs, a report by VOCAL-NY and the Community Development Project, October 2011, (Executive Summary)
A Report Card for The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) – Residents’ Evaluation of NYCHA and Recommendations for Improvement, a joint report by CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Community Voices Heard, Families United for Racial and Economic Equality, Good Old Lower East Side, Mothers on the Move and the Community Development Project, August 2011
Legal Entity Options for Worker Cooperatives, a legal guide to worker co-ops in response to requests from worker centers and community-based organizations in predominantly low-wage, immigrant communities, co-written by Ted DeBarbieri, August 2011
South Bronx Residents’ Solution on Greening Our ‘Hood, a report by Mothers on the Move and the Community Development Project, April 2011
Organizing to Transform Ourselves and Our Laws: The New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Campaign, PDF posted here with the generous permission of Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy, whose copyright is held by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, April 2011
CDP Research and Policy Update Fall 2010 – Spring 2011, April 2011
Doing the Work That Makes all Work Possible, a report by Damayan Migrant Workers Association and the Community Development Project, March 2011
Building the Mekong: Healing the Wounds of War and Forging the Future of the Southeast Asian Community in the Bronx, a report by CAAAV and the Community Development Project, March 2011


Domestic Workers and Collective Bargaining, a report by Domestic Workers United, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the Community Development Project, October 28, 2010, (Executive Summary)
NYCHA Report Card: Preliminary Findings, July 20, 2010
CDP Research and Policy Update Winter/Spring 2010, June 2010
People Without Homes and Homes Without People: A Count of Vacant Condos In Select NYC Neighborhoods, a report by Right to the City-NYC and CDP, May 2010
We Call These Projects Home: Solving the Housing Crisis from the Ground Up, a Right to the City Alliance Report on Public Housing, May 2010, (Executive Summary)(Executive Summary-Spanish)
Debt Deception: How Debt Buyers Abuse the Legal System to Prey on Lower-Income New Yorkers, May, 2010
Written Statement of the Right to the City Alliance Submitted to the House Financial Services Committee, May 25, 2010
Change Starts with Us: A Grassroots Vision for the Development of the South Bronx, Mothers on the Move and CDP, March, 2010
Current Work of the Research and Policy Initiative, February 2010
CDP Research and Policy Update 2009, February 2010
Stuck in the System, January 29, 2010, (Executive Summary)


Food Fight: Expanding Access to Affordable and Healthy Food, December 12, 2009 (Executive Summary)
Lawyers As Resource Allies In Workers’ Struggles For Social Change, by E. Tammy Kim, CDP Staff Attorney, 2009, A practical and theoretical discussion of the CDP community-based model in the context of workers’ rights litigation. 13 N.Y. City L. Rev. 213 (2009) Posted here with the permission of New York City Law Review
NYC Preliminary Findings for Condo Canvass Research, November 2009
About the NYC Research and Organizing Initiative, November 2009
A People’s Plan for the East River Waterfront, a report by the O.U.R. Waterfront Coalition, October 2009, (Executive Summary)
Off Point: The destruction of immigrant-owned small businesses and low-wage jobs in the Willets Point section of Queens, a report released by the Community Development Project and Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice Center, September 2009
An Overview of New York Public Housing, Community Development Project, September 2009
We Count! Documenting the 9/11 Health Crisis 8 Years Later, September 2009
Right to the City Policy Platform 2009, Right to the City, July 16, 2009, (Executive Summary)
The Impact of Poor Housing Conditions on the Health of Asthmatic New Yorkers, May 20, 2009
The Great Service Divide: Occupational Segregation & Inequality in the New York City Restaurant Industry, March 31, 2009
Expanding Access to Public Space at the Hudson River Park, a joint white paper by UJC, Community Development Project and FIERCE, March 2009, (Executive Summary)
Fair Debt Collection Laws, February 2009


NO GO for Local Businesses,” a report by Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES) and The Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center, December 2008
Converting Chinatown: A Snapshot of a Neighborhood Becoming Unaffordable and Unlivable,” a report by CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities and the Community Development Project, December 2008
Out of Business: The Crisis of Small Businesses in Rezoned Downtown Brooklyn,” July 31, 2008
Boom for Whom?: How the Resurgence of the Bronx is Leaving Residents Behind,” July 15, 2008


Debt Weight: The Consumer Credit Crisis in New York City and its Impact on the Working Poor,” November 2, 2007
Living in Isolation,” March 5, 2007
NYC Anti-Gentrification Network: Summation of Convenings,” January 2007


Education Not Deportation: Impacts of NYC School Safety Policies on South Asian Immigrant Youth,” June 2006
The Hear This! Report: The Need for Multilingual Housing Services in New York City,” May 31, 2006
Dining Out, Dining Healthy,” April 5, 2006


Sistas on the Rise Brochure,” August 2005
City Council Testimony on ‘The State of Wages & Working Conditions of Restaurant Workers, and Its Impact on the Public Health’,” March 2, 2005
Behind the Kitchen Doors: Final Report,” January 25, 2005, Executive Summary


Scattered Dreams,” December 2004
Select Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Testimony,” June 30, 2004
Statement to the Taxi and Limousine Commission Regarding Sale of 900 New Taxi Medallions,” January 7, 2004


Chinatown Tenants’ Complaints for Language Access,” Winter 2003
Correlation of Labor and Training/Safety Violations in NYC Restaurants,” December 23, 2003
Unfare: Taxi Drivers and the Cost of Moving the City,” September 2003
Key Findings Report: Mothers on the Move Tenant Survey,” June 2003


Ripple Effect: The Crisis in NYC’s Low-Income Communities after September 11th,” September 2002