Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision - Policy Platform


October 21, 2015
The Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision (which includes CDP partner CASA) released this report, which includes a set of policy recommendations focusing on four principles for the development of Jerome Avenue: Real Affordable Housing, Good Jobs and Local Hire, Strong Anti-Harassment and Anti-Displacement Policies, and Real Community Participation.

The report results from collaboration with CDP and other technical assistance partners: Hester Street Collaborative, Pratt Institute, ANHD, and the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

The Bronx Coalition for A Community Vision - a strong coalition of union members, tenants, residents, autoworkers and faith leaders - has been working to make sure that the rezoning of Jerome Ave benefits the community. We’ve held 5 community visioning sessions and collected over 500 surveys, engaging more than 1,500 residents about the rezoning process. The report is a culmination of this process and a documentation of the community’s needs and priorities.


Read the full report.

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