Stand for Tenant Safety (STS): Summary of Data to Document Construction as Harassment in Rent Stabilized Buildings & the STS Legislative Solution


September 30, 2015

The Community Development Project in partnership with the Stand for Tenant Safety coalition released this report documenting aggressive construction in occupied buildings and how it is used as a tool to displace rent-regulated New York City tenants. The report is based on 150 surveys and records from the Department of Buildings. The report also includes a set of legislative priorities of the STS Coalition.

The report’s release coincided with the introduction of 13 City Council bills that aim to reform the Department of Buildings, the agency tasked with issuing permits to developers and responding to tenants who report violations. Bill sponsors include Council members Chin, Espinal, Garodnick, Johnson, Kallos, Levin, Levine, Mendez, Menchaca, Reynoso, and Rosenthal.


Read the full report.

Media Coverage

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