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DNA Info2/27/2017
The Buildings Department forced two families to leave a building owned by controversial landlord Steve Croman — after their ceilings began to...
TOPICS: Housing
The Indypendent2/21/2017
Due to tenant pressure, the city is starting to take harassment by construction more seriously.
New York Post2/15/2017
The rodent-infested Bronx building affected by a deadly outbreak of a rare rat-borne disease is owned by a notorious slumlord once deemed the worst...
City Limits2/14/2017
It’s not that Park Slope’s community board wanted to displace low-income renters from Fourth Avenue. In fact, its members recognized the need for...
The Leap2/7/2017
The organization I helped found, 596 Acres, champions community land access in cities around the world. For four years, we have been helping...