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Daily News6/27/2017
Tenants in the city's 1 million rent stabilized apartments will see their monthly payments rise 1.25 %, according to a vote by Rent Guidelines...
TOPICS: Housing, Legislation
City Limits6/27/2017
On Tuesday night the city’s Rent Guidelines Board voted to approve a 1.25 percent increase on one-year leases and 2 percent increases for two-year...
TOPICS: Housing, Legislation
After a two-year freeze, the Rent Guidelines Board on Tuesday voted to allow rent increases on rent-stabilized apartments. The board said landlords...
The Village Voice6/14/2017
Despite feeble efforts by City Hall to reform the city’s cash bail practices, New York City jails are still filled overwhelmingly with people who...
The Indypendent2/21/2017
Due to tenant pressure, the city is starting to take harassment by construction more seriously.